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Wrapping paper or gift packaging
with your own design?

In addition to our standard collections, you can also come to us for wrapping paper or gift packaging based on your own design. By asking specific questions, we determine the demands your gift packaging has to meet.

How do you position yourself in the market? A strong positioning will distinguish you from your competitors in the market.

Working together, we create a clear formulation of the assignment, so that unambiguous agreements can be made about product specifications, costs, delivery time and distribution. You may have your own design ready, so all we need to do is print the paper for you and make it into the desired end product. Feel free to ask us about the possibilities. We would be happy to help you!

Gift wrapping

Your gift wrapping is your company’s calling card. What does your company stand for what image do you want to project to the outside world? We will put all our energy into finding the right look. Luxurious or simple… anything is possible!

Paper bags & bags

Can environment and convenience go together? Yes, they can! We provide various ready-made packaging solutions using recycled paper, such as carrier bags and gift bags. Efficient packaging leads to a quicker flow at the checkout. Because even when the store is busy, we still want customers to leave with pretty packaging, don’t we?

Gift ribbon

With matching ribbons in various colours, you can choose from a wide range, which we supply to complement your wrapping paper. Feel free to ask about the possibilities.

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